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Fig (Anjeer) Farming

Figs are a type of fruit that is commonly consumed in dried form and is also known simply as fig.

They are readily available in the market at a reasonable price per kilogram. Considered the sweetest fruit globally, figs boast a significant calcium content. The roots of fig trees are notably robust, often extending to heights of up to 10 meters, contributing to bone strength. A single fig plant can yield approximately 20 kilograms of fruit. Dried figs are recognized for their numerous health benefits. Figs thrive in temperate and tropical climates, requiring consistent sunlight for optimal growth. favoring loamy soil conditions. Once a fig plant begins fruiting, it continues to do so for 50-60 years. Figs typically ripen during the summer season, with fruits exhibiting a greenish-yellow color, typically appearing from April to June, Figs are a dietary powerhouse rich in fiber, aiding in weight management and reduction. Consuming figs gives you a feeling of fullness while curbing your appetite. This helps in maintaining longer intervals between meals and gradually reducing meal portions over time. Figs also assist in the treatment of various digestive issues such as constipation, stomach pain, etc. With high levels of fiber, figs soften and bulk up stool. Consuming figs enhances the digestive system's efficiency by accelerating food transit and making digestion more effective. Figs also contain several antioxidants that help cleanse the skin and improve skin health.